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Question and Answers.

Q1. My computer has become really slow!

A1. Your computer may have too many programs running in the background or have a large amount of spyware/malware installed. You may need some programs cleaned up and the malware removed. this can include cleaning the registry.

Q2. My internet home page has changed and / or i keep getting re-directed to advertising websites!

A2. Your computer could have picked up a virus and will need repairing. Not all viruses are picked up by your antivirus software and will require specialist removal.

Q3. I've upgraded my computer to Windows Vista / Windows 7 and now my machine is so slow!

A3. You machine may now require more memory or a more extreme upgrade.

Q4. When I turn on my machine, all it does is beep.

A4. The beep tells you that there is a hardware fault. This can be anything from the memory to the motherboard.

Q5. I've bought a new game and it runs very slowly or not at all!

A5. Your computers hardware may not be powerful enough. You will probably need to upgrade your machine to cope with the modern demands from games.

Q6. My printer prints out garbage!

A6. Your printer drivers may be corrupt or incorrect. Re-installing the drivers could fix it.

Q7. I cannot connect to the internet with my wireless router!

A7. There are many possible reasons for this, from line faults to hardware. Usually this can be rectified quickly and easily.

Q8. My computer keeps restarting itself!

A8. Again there are many causes for this, from corrupt files to harware faults. It could just be over heating.

Q9. My computer has died and I havn't backed up, can you recover my files?

A9. Yes, in most cases the data on the hard drive will be intact and easily recoverable.

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